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Become a National Sponsor of the Christian Festivals Association


We are always looking for like-minded brothers and sisters to join us in our ongoing effort to propel the name of Jesus Christ into a culture that so desperately needs to hear it.  


The Christian Festival Association was formed in 2006 and is comprised of North America’s largest Christian music festivals united by a common goal: to bring glory to God. We meet regularly via conference calls and at an annual meeting in Nashville to discuss matters such as talent development, spiritual content, event production and marketing, national sponsorship acquisition and much more.


The Christian Festival Association is comprised of 40 individual member festivals, held annually from April through November.


Collective statistics from these events:


  • 750,000 attendees

  • 575,000 Facebook "likes"

  • 65,000 Twitter followers

  • 700,000 direct mail pieces

  • 175,000 program pieces

  • 5 million email pieces to 250,000 permission-based unique email addresses

  • Large Screen Advertising and promotional capabilities at all CFA events

  • Viewed collectively, the CFA "Summer Tour" is larger than even the largest of the Christian music "arena" tours


Partnering with the CFA as a national sponsor is a unique opportunity to reach the largest collective audience of faith-based events in America.


Key points:


  • The CFA is currently comprised of 40 of the largest Christian music events in the United States

  • CFA member events had over 750,000 attendees in 2017. If you look at the CFA events collectively as a “Summer Tour”, it is larger than even the largest of the Christian music "arena" tours

  • Christian music fans cover a broad range of age, race, gender and socio-economic demographic segments

  • Our attendees are a part of our “festival families” and we are actively connected to them year-round. Our fans are family - not just ticket buyers - who are appreciative of and loyal to the sponsors who help make their favorite events happen

  • These engaged and loyal fans can be moved to action as we “loan” our relationship and credibility to select partner sponsors; a festival endorsement/introduction can make sure that your message is “heard and received” by our fans

  • Live music events are one of the most effective drivers of brand recognition and loyalty (Source: AdWeek)

  • Unique opportunity to associate your organization/brand with something positive

  • The message of the music is always positive, upbeat and hopeful

  • The events are completely safe and family-friendly

  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted at the events

  • No profanity will ever come from the stages


The CFA customizes its sponsorship packages to the unique needs of its individual sponsors.  Broad opportunities exist for dynamic promotion on a year-long basis. Therefore, marketing impact can be made before, during and after the festival events, all across America.

 Typical national sponsorship packages include some or all of the following:


  • Sponsor becomes a principal named/presenting sponsor of some or all CFA member festivals

  • Sponsor’s name and logo listed on all pre-event advertising and marketing materials, including festival websites, Facebook pages, Pandora and Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, Email blasts and Twitter feeds

  • Sponsor receives premium advertising space in all applicable advance material and event programs

  • Sponsor receives premium booth space in the sponsor area at each event, along with signage in all high-traffic areas

  • Sponsor receives prime time placements on the video screens at each event so equipped for an interactive customer experience

  • Sponsor is promoted heavily by event emcees or by Sponsor representatives doing live promotional "walk-ons" at the events


Are you an artist or band looking to connect with the festivals?

Send us an email at with an EPK and if any member festivals are interested, they will reach out.

**Contacting does not guarantee a response or booking

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