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Become a member of the Christian Festivals Association


We are always looking for like-minded brothers and sisters to join us in our ongoing effort to propel the name of Jesus Christ into a culture that so desperately needs to hear it.  


Any Christian festival operator engaged in the production of an annual Christian music festival, in existence for at least three consecutive years, with an average daily attendance of 5,000 or more attendees, is eligible for membership.


Joining the CFA is an excellent opportunity to associate with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ who have expertise and experience leading large Christian music festivals - that is, doing the same things that you do in leading your own festival.  The shared resource of member festival "Best Practices" is often cited by members as the most important aspect of membership.


In addition, CFA members: 


  • Are listed on the national map of Christian festivals at, and

  • Participate in national sponsorship opportunities 

  • Share in volume purchasing agreements for event production components

  • Are invited to attend the CFA's Annual Meeting in Nashville in the fall. Includes private sessions with artists and speakers, a group session with booking agents, and festival "best practices" discussions.


Applicants become members upon a 2/3 majority acceptance by the existing members and upon payment of dues (currently $1,000 per year). Dues include two free slots at the CFA's annual meeting in Nashville, including all group meal functions.


If you are interested in joining our Association, please click here to submit an application and we will be in touch with you quickly to help guide you through the membership process, and help get you involved right away.


If you’re a newer festival and would like to get involved in our Apprenticeship Program that leads to a CFA membership, click HERE to submit an apprenticeship application.

Level 1 of Apprenticeship

(Cost of Apprenticeship goes to providing the time and resources necessary to support Apprentice Festivals throughout the program)


  • Phase 1: Online Learning

    • Apprentices will have access to online learning tools such as sample documents, CFA Learning Labs, etc.

  • Phase 2: Delivering Tools

    • Consultation with CFA Board Member discussing the festival’s processes and receiving feedback.

  • Phase 3: Mentorship Opportunity

    • The CFA Apprenticeship Committee will pair a CFA Member Festival with Apprentice Festival. Apprentices have the opportunity to shadow a CFA Member festival.


Level 2 of Apprenticeship


  • Everything included in Level 1

  • Opportunity for CFA Mentor Festival to recommend the apprentice’s attendance at the CFA Annual Fall Meeting for a special Wednesday roundtable with select CFA Member festivals and access to exclusive artist showcases*

  • Introductory CFA Marketing Support (CFA Apprentice Logo on Festival website, festival date listed on CFA website, etc.)


*Travel, lodging, and other accommodations for the Annual Fall Meeting are the responsibility of the Apprentice Festival and are not provided by the CFA

**Level 2 of Apprenticeship can be repeated until CFA Membership Requirements have been met

Are you an artist or band looking to connect with the festivals?

Send us an email at with an EPK and if any member festivals are interested, they will reach out.

**Contacting does not guarantee a response or booking

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