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The Christian Festival Association was formed in 2006 and is comprised of North America’s largest Christian music festivals united by a common goal: to bring glory to God. The CFA's purpose is to support and resource Christian Music festivals through best practice collaboration, financial accountability and sustainability, and peer-to-peer development helping build festivals that represent our Christian faith with professionalism and passion.


The mission of the Christian Festival Association is to bring Glory to God through the nation’s top Christian Music Festivals. Our goal is to promote positive communication and synergies between festivals and see these member organizations grow both spiritually and fiscally so that more lives can be changed for the glory of God.


Our vision is to collectively, as like-minded organizations, bring people together through music festivals, to experience the love of Jesus through music and community. The CFA aims to provide and facilitate an open communications environment to link Christian festival organizers together for: encouragement, shared information and resources, and addressing common business circumstances and goals, all for the purpose of increasing the success and professionalism of participating festivals so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be advanced and glory brought to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

  • Amplify Fest - Arkansas

  • Big Ticket Festival - Michigan

  • Christian Music Festival - Toronto, ON, CA

  • City On The Hill - Minnesota

  • Connect Festivals - Nationwide

  • FaithFest - North Carolina

  • GraceFest - California

  • Hillfest - New Hampshire

  • Kingdom Bound - New York

  • LifeLight Hills Alive – South Dakota

  • LifeLight – South Dakota

  • Lifest – Wisconsin

  • Livin' Out Loud - Nebraska

  • OneFest - Wisconsin

  • Off the Charts - North Dakota

  • Palau Festivals - Nationwide

  • Resound Festival - Missouri

  • RiseFest - Iowa

  • RURAL Music Fest - Minnesota

  • Rock The Smokies - Tennessee

  • SonRise Music Festival - Virginia

  • SoulFest – New Hampshire

  • ThriveFest - Minnesota

  • Unity Christian Music Festival – Michigan

  • UnityFest - North Carolina

  • Uprise Festival - Pennsylvania



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